Pollinator dependence but no pollen limitation for eight plants occurring north of the Arctic Circle

Written by Viviane Koch, Leana Zoller, Joanne M. Bennett & Tiffany M. Knight. Read the full paper here. We arrive amid a wooded surrounding - far away from intensive agricultural and anthropogenically affected land. Our landscape is characterised by green forests, bold reindeer, and harsh environmental conditions. Here, above the Arctic Circle in the Finnish... Continue Reading →

Where’s Wallaby?

Blog written by Holly English and Anthony Caravaggi. Read the full paper here. Photo of captive red-necked wallaby by Claire Bushell. The answer to that question may surprise you. The red-necked wallaby (Notamacropus rufogriseus) may be synonymous with Australia, but it also shows up in some more surprising places. Popular in zoos and proving themselves... Continue Reading →

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